I have several WIPs, three are ones that I consider to be still on the front burners while the others are all on the back burners or shelved. These all feature f/f romances and other LGBTQIAP2+ characters, and are YA.

  1. First up, a sort of retelling of Snow White with Robin Hood and Greek Mythology (I have a blog post about it here). I refer to as SA.
    Status: On hiatus.
  2. Next is the one that pulled me back into writing seriously, I’ll refer to it as GBaMD. It’s a NA fantasy series that has royals in disguise, merchant daughters, pirates, magic tattoos and assassination plots.
    Status: Being torn apart in order to be rebuilt.
  3. My third “front burner” WIP is one I’ve been working on for ages. It’s a NA urban fantasy with vampires, I refer to it as KtDG or my queer vampires WIP. The MC is a badass bisexual on the revenge rampage in a small town in central Alberta.
    Status: 1/4 into a new 1st draft (I’m re-writing it for like the 13th time oops)
    KtDGN-moodboard1.gifNow for the back burner WIPs:
  4. An NA urban fantasy with curses/witchcraft, a terrible past and a Canadian setting, I refer to it as SL.
    Status: On hold due to major plot problem.
  5. Next is a YA contemporary that is 100% about that high school aesthetic and drama. It features love-to-hate AND hate-to-love, secret romance, shady ex-boyfriends, strange happenings, and stalkers?
    Status: On hold until other WIPs are done
  6. Then I have a YA urban fantasy, HtMaHB that has an alternative twist to witchcraft and psychological repression. I wrote the entire first draft for this for my first NaNoWriMo experience in 2016. It has a lot of crushes on the wrong people, secrets, uncontrollable powers and lots of POVs and formats.
  7. Finally, I have another YA urban fantasy featuring witchcraft. I call it my queer witches WIP. It’s about a 16 year old girl learning she’s a witch and transferring to a private witchcraft school. There’s familiars, curses, demons, sirens, ocean aesthetics and an extrovert adopting an introvert.