I have several WIPs, three are ones that I consider to be still on the front burners while the others are all on the back burners or shelved. These all feature f/f romances and other LGBTQIAP2+ characters, and are YA.

  1. First up is the one I’m working on most (I have a blog post about it here) that I will refer to as SA. It’s a sort of retelling of Snow White with Robin Hood and Greek Mythology.
    Status: Writing the first draft.
  2. Next is the one that pulled me back into writing seriously last year, I’ll refer to it as GBaMD. It’s a fantasy series that has royals in disguise, merchant daughters, pirates, magic tattoos and assassination plots.
    Status: It was editing fifth draft, now it’s being torn apart in order to be rebuilt.
  3. My third “front burner” WIP is one I’ve been working on for ages. It’s an urban fantasy with vampires, I’ll refer to it as KtDG. The MC is a badass bisexual on the revenge rampage in a small town in central Alberta.
    Status: Re-starting the first draft for the billionth time.
    KtDGN-moodboard1.gifNow for the back burner WIPs:
  4. An urban fantasy with curses/witchcraft, a terrible past and a Canadian setting, I refer to it as SL.
    Status: On hold due to major plot problem.
  5. Next is a YA contemporary that is 100% about that high school aesthetic and drama. It features love-to-hate AND hate-to-love, secret romance, shady ex-boyfriends, strange happenings, and stalkers?
    Status: On hold until other WIPs are done
  6. Then I have a YA urban fantasy, HtMaHB that has an alternative twist to witchcraft and psychological repression. I wrote the entire first draft for this for my first NaNoWriMo experience in 2016. It has a lot of crushes on the wrong people, secrets, uncontrollable powers and lots of POVs and formats.