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How do you self-motivate to write?

*NEW VIDEO* Transcription: Hey, I'm back!Β I wasn't sure if I was going to do a video, so I kinda started like halfway through my ride home. So I'm just going to drive a little bit longer on purpose. So I figured out what I want to talk about for today and basically just like… Continue reading How do you self-motivate to write?


A Vlog Maybe?

Here's an awkward, rambly video! Enjoy! [my attempt at a] Transcription: Okay, so I just bought this like thing whatever it's called to my phone on the dashboard so that I get to do videos and stuff. Well, actually, I bought it so that I can use GPS, um, because I'm going to… Continue reading A Vlog Maybe?


Angsty Poetry

So, I used to write a lot of poems, most of them are awful ngl, but it was when I was working through a lot of issues (mostly teen angst, but also just depression/anxiety). I also had a little time to actually work on novels/stories so I used poetry as an outlet for that as… Continue reading Angsty Poetry


When life gets in the way…

I work a part-time job with variable hours (can be anywhere from 12 hours to apparently 40 hours a week), I struggle with depression and anxiety, I'm dealing with grief (that just got complicated), and I have friends whom I care deeply for and who aren't fairing so well with their own mental health. Writing… Continue reading When life gets in the way…


Audiobook love <3

My friend recently got me into using a library card to get books on an app and she also got me into listening to audiobooks. Honestly, I never really got too much into audiobooks before, but they saved my reading life this year. My depression and grief has been absolutely kicking my ass and it's… Continue reading Audiobook love ❀