Today's #ThursdayAesthetic on twitter theme is setting. So I wanted to talk a bit about that in terms of my WIP SA. It was actually fairly easy for me to come up with the setting of this WIP, once I knew I was incorporating a Robin Hood character I knew I had to base the… Continue reading Setting


Writing what you know

I never truly wrote anything based on my own experiences. Mostly because I write to escape. At least with novels. I have plenty of poems that are from experiences. That isn't to say I don't ever pull from real life, I do, just not very much and I've never based a character on somebody I… Continue reading Writing what you know

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July Writing Goals, Update #2

To remind myself and everyone else, these are my goals for the month: Finish the first draft of SA/get to at least 80 000 words Work on re-working the plot of GBaMD to rewrite Prepare for editing SA – research techniques and whatnot Keep this blog active and get my Instagram going again Be kind… Continue reading July Writing Goals, Update #2


Writing through the years

I have a WIP, KtDG, that I've been working on since about 2008. Unfortunately, I don't have every single draft since then, but I have most of them. I believe I'm on the 7th rewrite and have yet to complete a draft. I thought it might be interesting to compare how the first lines have… Continue reading Writing through the years