October TBR Wrap Up

Sorry this is so late, I only just got some free time. November has started off really busy, I worked one 6 AM to 2 PM shift then four overnight shifts, so I’m pretty tired. This is the first day since November 1st where I don’t feel absolutely exhausted and of course, I’m now sick…

Anyway, I only managed to read 2/8 novels from my October TBR list, Labyrinth Lost and Sawkill Girls. It’s pretty sad, but I’m still very proud of myself considering October turned out to be incredibly busy and stressful. I am 100% still planning on reading the rest of the novels from my list, but they may wait a bit longer as I just got my hands on Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan and I’ve been dying to read it all year.

I’m also going to try to get some blog posts up about NaNoWriMo and hopefully get some new videos for you all!

How’d everyone’s October go? did you make your goals?

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