A Vlog Maybe?

Here’s an awkward, rambly video! Enjoy!


[my attempt at a] Transcription:

Okay, so I just bought this like thing whatever it’s called to my phone on the dashboard so that I get to do videos and stuff. Well, actually, I bought it so that I can use GPS, um, because I’m going to be going on a road trip by myself for the first time the coming next month and I don’t want to get lost. And my phone’s too big to put like right behind the steering wheel which I did with my old phone so that I could have the GPS there.

But anyway, so I’m using it for video too. Um and so I’m just rambling a lot cause that’s how I am. Ramble. Anyway, I’m just really awkward person. Um, and I don’t really have a point to this, I just want to some videos now and then. Um, because, basically a lot of my blog posts are just um, me rambling anyway. So I’m like ‘might as well ramble on video.’ It’ll seem less weird and it’s okay if my grammar is bleeped up.

Cause this is how I talk and I will have verbal typos, it’s okay. Less weird than actual typos. Because I just don’t edit my wri- my posts ever, cause I don’t really nee- like, it’s not that I don’t need to, I probably should to be completely honest, um, but its more like I just don’t really want to cause I already spend a lot of energy writing my novels um and keeping up with social media. Um. And writing my blog posts doesn’t take up too much energy, but it still takes quite a bit and I want it to be something fun. Something that doesn’t feel like work. Um, just kinda sharing my opinions now and then, sharing my progress and my experience. Um. Kinda what I want it for. I don’t feel like it needs to be perfect. I don’t think I need to edit it for those reasons.

Um. I just like to write a post and have it like published basically right away. Sometimes I queue up, but usually I just write it, schedule it, leave it.

Um, but yeah anyway, this is just gonna be a really lame video just me talking about why I’m going to be doing videos. I’m rambling about nonsense, cause that’s what I’m very good at. Um, going on tangents.

Yeah, anyway this is my random video for videos, um. I don’t know if I’ll do a whole bunch or how many I’ll do. Maybe I’ll do a lot more in a couple weeks when I have the vehicle to myself for a while because my husband’s going to be out of town.

Um, just getting home so. Park cade! Got key pass! Or fob or whatever you want to call those things. I call it a key pass and people are like ‘why do you call it a key pass?’ “It’s a key and it lets you pass.’ I don’t know.

But yeah, maybe I’ll do a lot more videos, maybe I won’t. Who knows? I’ll probably start doing them in the car, cause it’s kind fun. It kinda helps pass the time. Maybe I’ll do a bunch for when I do my road trip in September. So, maybe I’ll just talk about some plotting plans, cause I’m really good at coming up with plots while I’m driving.

But anyway I should probably sign off finally because I’ve been saying ‘this is my video, goodbye.’ Oh my god, I hope I’m gonna edit this and make it shorter. Who knows? Maybe I won’t even post this one.

Anyway, if you want to see more videos, let me know and I definitely will post more videos. I probably won’t use youtube ever, um, I just, I’m not a youtube person. So I’m probably going to keep using the blog. I might do another poll to see if people want me to do more videos. I don’t really know. Um yeah.

My friend does booktube and she’s telling me about writertube, but I don’t really know, I might look into it. Um, but you’ll see me on her booktube a lot, so I’ll probably do a lot of blog posts about that, and you’ll probably see snippets- I’ll probably share snippets of videos- of those on my blog and you’ll see them in my posts.

Yeah, anyway, let me know!


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