Top 10 fav things about writing

I really do like to stay positive and focus on why I’m doing what I’m doing, so here’s a list of what I love about writing. It’s not all the reason, just some highlights in no particular order. The numbers are just so I don’t lose count.

10. Exploring parts of myself

In writing I get to explore parts of my identity that I don’t quite get to do in real life for many reasons. Some being that I am an introvert, am not really spontaneous, am an anxious mess, and prefer being indoors and not outdoors. I have a part of me that wants to explore and have adventure and stuff, but I know it’s won’t happen in real life for the most part.

9. Releasing my morbid curiosity and humour

No one questions my google searches for ways to kill off characters or that I find it amusing to have a character die in two sentences and traumatises another character. I’m not a sadist I swear, irl I’ll cry just hearing about someone hurting. I just find in theory, these things are interesting and unfortunately, it’s a part of humanity – so I try to understand it this way. To be completely honest, I never really thought about it until I started making this list, but it is something I’m curious about. Also, my humour is extremely dark and morbid sometimes and it’s safer to release in stories than irl. Though I do have friends who share this humour.

8. Expressing my identity

This is similar to exploring my identity, but it’s a large reason I love writing so it gets its own point. I get to express my bisexuality in a healthy way given that I’m in a committed, monogamous relationship with a cis man. I allso have an entire blog post about this point.

7. Can write almost anywhere

It’s a career I can do anywhere inspiration strikes. Im not restricted to an office or a computer. I can use my phone or a journal and I can write pretty much anywhere. In fact, I do a large portion of writing during car rides – it helps that I do frequent trips to visit my family that requires 6 hours (one way) in a vehicle.

6. Those few great quotes

It’s really exciting to get those few lines of pure gold. I don’t personally believe my writing skill is particularly strong, but there are times when I write amazing lines and it makes my struggles worth it. Even if I don’t exactly keep them in later drafts, just having written them is a great confidence booster.

5. Escaping reality

I am very candid about my mental illness (depression and anxiety), and I don’t usually have the healthiest coping strategies, but I believe reading and writing to be one of my [more or less] good ones. I get to escape my own f***ed up mind for a while – though it’s not like I’m getting into the mind of a perfectly sane character. It helps me get some peace from my own issues for a while.

4. Writing community/writing dates

I absolutely love the writing community on twitter, though there are a lot of problems in it and when something happens it tends to be a lot of people talking at each other instead of with each other. Problems don’t end up getting solved that way and it’s frustrating to witness. Still, I’ve met amazing people and the support I’ve been getting has been tremendous.

I also have to do a special shout out to my best friend, Jess, who goes on writing dates with me where we basically just hang out and write. It’s great and helps me so much to have her to talk my plots out with.

3. Cute relationships (that are healthy)

I get to write about healthy relationships that are super adorable and it makes me super happy. Especially with all the romanticised toxic relationships in media, I like to add to the representation of healthy ones.

2. Building a new world

Building a fantasy world is so much fun, I get to make a place where magic exist. I’m not sure what else to say, it’s just a great part of writing.

1. The [snarky] characters

Honestly, I consider myself to be fairly snarky, but I’m usually too anxious to be super snarky irl. So I get to write the snarkiest characters it’s great. I also just love writing inclusive characters and different personality types. As a psych major, I love this part so much. Creating complex characters is a big highlight of writing for me.


I’ve seen people talk about why they write, so I’ve been thinking about it, I think my reason is very plain and simple: because I have stories growing inside me. I’ve always created stories in my head and getting them down on paper (or on the screen) is just a natural outlet.

What are your favourite things about writing?

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