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July Writing Goals Wrap Up

Let’s see what goals I accomplished!

  1. Finish the first draft of SA/get to at least 80 000 words
  2. Work on re-working the plot of GBaMD to rewrite
  3. Prepare for editing SA – research techniques and whatnot
  4. Keep this blog active and get my Instagram going again
  5. Be kind to myself (especially if I don’t get this all done)

Goal #1

I’m at 52,579 words (2616 since my last update). Not a whole bunch for a week, but so much better than my last updates. This goal is definitely getting pushed to next month.

Goal #2

I’d say this goal has been met. I re-planned GBaMD so that when I go back to work on it, it’ll be alright to rewrite.

Goal #3

Not complete, but my draft isn’t either so it’s okay, I’ll push this one to next month too.

Goal #4

I feel like I accomplished this, I’m going to be slowing down the posts next month as I figure out a more structured way to post. My instagram’s been active again, I just need to get more photos for my queue.

Goal #5

I did this well in terms of writing, I’m not upset about not making two of the goals. This month has been an absolute whirlwind, it was exhausting and it beat the crap out of me, but I’m still doing my best to remain positive and to be kind to myself.


How about you? Did you make your goals for the month?

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