Today’s #ThursdayAesthetic on twitter theme is setting. So I wanted to talk a bit about that in terms of my WIP SA.

It was actually fairly easy for me to come up with the setting of this WIP, once I knew I was incorporating a Robin Hood character I knew I had to base the setting of it on Nottingham and Sherwood Forest. Sadly I have never been so it is definitely loosely based, and mostly based in terms of how I named locations. Thankfully, I have my best friend to help me – she was born in Nottingham. I also incorporated Greek mythology elements in the setting, but not too much.

Creating the setting was the easiest part, though I avoided making a map for a while. I’m not the best at making maps, but with fantasy wip, I find that I really need one. The one I made for SA is incredibly basic and is only to help me keep the location of places straight in my head. I’m not sure if I’ll include one when I publish, but I have time to think about it and look into hiring designers.

I’m super excited to share it with everyone. I truly hope I do the world building justice in my writing though.

How about you? Was setting easy for you in your WIP? Or was it the tough part? Do maps help you?

2 thoughts on “Setting”

  1. Maps help me when reading, but as I can’t draw, they don’t do anything for me when writing. So far my setting is in lite mode. I need to add more detail I’m sure, something that I’ll do once I start actual edits.

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    1. Maps definitely help me when reading too. I can kinda draw and thankfully I can use photoshop, so I have that in my favour in terms of making maps, but they’ll never be good enough quality to include in a published copy.


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