When life gets in the way…

I work a part-time job with variable hours (can be anywhere from 12 hours to apparently 40 hours a week), I struggle with depression and anxiety, I’m dealing with grief (that just got complicated), and I have friends whom I care deeply for and who aren’t fairing so well with their own mental health. Writing is my passion, but I often have to make it a second priority with all that’s going on. It can be difficult to do, because sometimes all I want to do is write. It’s also difficult not to be upset with myself for not getting much writing done, especially since I have a timeline in my head for when I want to get SA done and published, and I feel like I’m behind.

I do my best to remind myself that if I have to push the timeline, that’s okay. I’d rather publish a novel done with care and time, than one that I forced. Still, it kills me that I don’t have the ability to make it my first priority. I’m always itching to write, to explore my novels, but at the end of a work day I’m too tired to form the words. At least the feeling of disappointment in not being able to write is a nice reminder to myself about how much I love doing this. It can be stressful, but it’s the ‘write’ path for me. (sorry couldn’t resist the pun lol)

Still, with all these things in my way, I do my best to at least get a few words a day, but it’s tough. I guess I started this post thinking I’d talk about how I deal with these hurdles, but now I’m more interested in advice/tips, since I don’t really know how I deal with them. My writing has slowed considerably in that last few months. I’m barely even reading too..

So, if you have any strategies that might help me get more writing done I’d appreciate it lots. ❤

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