Audiobook love <3

My friend recently got me into using a library card to get books on an app and she also got me into listening to audiobooks. Honestly, I never really got too much into audiobooks before, but they saved my reading life this year. My depression and grief has been absolutely kicking my ass and it’s made it basically impossible for me to sit and read a physical book.

With audiobooks, I can play a mindless phone game while listening, or do some cleaning, or cooking, which keeps my mind from wandering as I read. It’s been so good and it frustrates me that people don’t consider it reading. Like braille is reading, just a tactile form, why can’t there be reading in an auditory form?

To me, the biggest different between reading books and audiobooks is that in one you learn how to spell words and in the other you learn how to say them. Otherwise, you get the same experience from it. Sometimes one form might feel like a better experience than the other, I understand some people probably can’t do audiobooks because they prefer to do voices in their heads, or some people, like me, struggle with novels because it’s difficult to stay focused.

Anyway, the other thing I wanted to talk about in this is the audiobooks for An Ember in the Ashes series by Sabaa Tahir, because the narrators, oh my fuck the narrators! If I could marry voices, I’d marry all three of them. Like I need them to voice act for bioware games so I can romance them. They’re so attractive and pleasant to listen to, which only adds to the AMAZING narrative in the novels. It’s such a compelling world with complex af characters. Like even the one I hate, I love reading their perspectives because it’s so well written and complicated that I manage to have empathy for the character even though I hate them.

I could probably rant about this series forever, seriously, if you have read any of them do it! The pacing and actions and twists and everything is so well done. I only just started the third one and I’m hooked in just as much as I was in the previous two.

Do you prefer audiobooks? Why? Why not? Any audiobooks you love and rec?



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