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July Writing Goals

  1. Finish the first draft of SA/get to at least 80 000 words
  2. Work on re-working the plot of GBaMD to rewrite
  3. Prepare for editing SA – research techniques and whatnot
  4. Keep this blog active and get my Instagram going again
  5. Be kind to myself (especially if I don’t get this all done)


Part of 4 will be to post weekly about my progress in these goals, and I’ll start today.

  1. I wrote 1300 words this week, not where I want to be at, but considering I barely wrote anything last week, it’s not bad. I’m at a total ofย 49 246/80 000 and at Part 3 of 5.
  2. Have not done any plotting for GBaMD this week.
  3. And I have not looked into editing things yet either.
  4. So far, this blog is somewhat active. I have posts planned and scheduled. As for Instagram, I plan to post again Monday, I have a queue of photos prepped.
  5. Stressing out over other things, but doing my best at not being too hard on myself.


Do you have any goals for this month? What are they? Do you need someone to help keep you accountable (I am willing to help if so)?

Have a happy Sunday!

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