Writing through the years

I have a WIP, KtDG, that I’ve been working on since about 2008. Unfortunately, I don’t have every single draft since then, but I have most of them. I believe I’m on the 7th rewrite and have yet to complete a draft. I thought it might be interesting to compare how the first lines have changed over the years.

It’s an urban fantasy featuring vampires and it’s wildly different now then it was when I started it. Honestly, 13 year old me wasn’t aware that three male love interests for one female was boring – two of those males are now female (and they all aren’t necessarily love interests) and I’m super excited to write my badass, bisexual MC for this novel.


The first lines didn’t change through these years because I either wasn’t writing or I kept the beginning because I didn’t want to rewrite it.

Footsteps echoed in the empty streets of Sombra in the crisp February air. Despite the intense fear of whatever it was that crawled out at sunset running through the town, the footsteps continued.



Slight change here, again was over a couple years since I was more inactive in writing those years.

Footsteps echoed into the dark as she quickly made her way down the street. Her feet, though small, made a lot of noise in the silence of the empty night. If anyone were to see her, she’d be in trouble for sure.


Complete shift in opening here, as well as I switched from third person to first. Also, pretty sure I changed my MC’s first name for this draft and Marissa Looms is no longer named that in my latest draft.

I remember ten years ago at my fifth birthday party, when Marissa Looms and I were the best of friends, we were running around despite my mother’s protests.


Again, complete change in opening, and also, Eliza is no longer the name of my MC.

“Eliza Runnings.”  I step forward from the line of my classmates.  “James Soil.”  My teacher continues to call out names until the class is equally divided into two teams.


Starts with a different scene again.

My head makes hard contact with my locker’s door after someone’s shoulder slams into my back — whoever it was keeps walking down the hall.


Back to third person here, I was playing around with an idea that I decided I didn’t want to do, but it completely changes the opening compared to the others.

His hands reached for her neck and for the first time the gestured made her shiver with disgust rather than anticipation. She moved out of his reach and gripped the wooden weapon in her shaking hand.


Ah the classic “waking up” opening. #noregrets

I slammed my hand on the snooze button and blinked at the blurred, red numbers. A few years ago, panic would have surged through my body and I’d have jolted out of bed to rush my way out of the house — but it wasn’t a few years ago and panic didn’t settle in.


I hope you enjoyed my writing over the years, I personally can’t tell if I actually improved or not based off these, but I don’t absolutely hate any of these, so that’s good. One thing I do know, I will definitely be rewriting it the next time I work on it because I can never decide how to write it.

Do you have any WIP that you’ve been working on for years and years? Do they even resemble the way they looked when you started them?





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1 thought on “Writing through the years”

  1. I’ve not any works that I’ve been writing for years, though I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my writing itself, like yours! It’s great that you don’t hate any of the changes you’ve made—sometimes I’ve found I’m the opposite whenever I’m rewriting/revising stories.

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