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Writing Playlists

I’ve always made playlists for writing, usually just in general, but my friend, Jess, got me into making playlists for specific WIPs, characters and ships. So now, I have a ridiculous amount of playlists on my Spotify and I have to listen to the proper ones to write my WIPs. For example, if I’m writing in character X’s POV, then I must listen to their playlist, if I’m writing a romantic scene between characters A and B, then I must listen to their ship playlist.

My favourite playlists that I’ve made are for my current WIP, SA, and I’ll listen to them even when I’m not writing. They’re the most recent I’ve made and as such, I’m probably going to remake a lot of my old ones for other WIPs. I find music to be super helpful in my writing process, it helps me get into the vibes of the novels I’m working on. I even have some playlists to help me get into moods if I’m writing emotionally charged scenes. Especially for anger, I’m not a very angry person, but a lot of my characters are so I need playlists to help me get into the mindset.

To whoever is actually reading this, do you make playlists for your work? Do you just listen to whatever songs you feel like? Or are you the kind of writer that requires silence as they write? Let me know!

Also, here’s my playlist for my current WIP:

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