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My first post is going to be really pathetic to be completely honest, I just wanted to say a bit about what I’m hoping to post here and hello.

I’m going to try and be active on this blog, but sometimes life and mental health get in my way, so I apologise in advance! I want this space to be a place I can share my experiences (positives and negatives) with writing my novels and, when I get to it, self-publishing them.

I also will likely use this blog to spotlight/showcase individuals/authors/novels that I love and recommend. I may also share some of my writing playlists and some aesthetics I make for my WIPs.

So yeah, this is my first post, yay!

(Also, sorry for my poor grammar and punctuation here. I put all my effort for those in my novels and as such, remain with little care for them elsewhere.)


Help fund my writing and self-publishing journey ❀


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